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"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." -- Marshall McLuhan, 1964
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EcoSweep is an industry leading environmental solutions company for your home or business. EcoSweep was founded on the principle that homeowners and business leaders do not need to use harsh toxins and chemicals to eliminate the toxins and chemicals already in their homes or workplace. Since then, EcoSweep has led the industry with its innovation and commitment to clean living and working.

EcoSweep is a full-service professional solution that puts the environment and your health first. We provide a full range of home and office services to accommodate your busy lifestyle, including; maid and janitorial services, concierge service, laundry service, house sitting and home staging.

EcoSweep is committed to ensuring your privacy and security. The following details will help you get to know us better.

  • All consultants that assess your property and cleaners work for EcoSweep directly. We do not hire third-party sales agents or sub-contract your service.
  • EcoSweep is fully bonded and insured to protect you should an accident occur.
  • All of our service contracts are clear, concise and easy to understand without complex legal jargon. We provide full contact information on any correspondence we provide. We also insure that payment amounts and terms are clear without any hidden costs.
  • We accept cheque and credit card payments (through PayPal) for services rendered giving you convenience and choice.
  • We will provide both residential and commercial referrals upon request.

As you can see, EcoSweep is for everyone; from small individual dwellings to some of Canada's largest corporations. We use only all-natural, environmentally safe and non-chemical cleaning solutions to protect your family, pets, co-workers and customers from unnecessary exposure to toxins that are used in conventional cleaning solutions.

EcoSweep, your natural choice for clean living and working.

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