EcoSweep delivers a full range of janitorial and maintenance solutions for all office and commercial needs. Our environmental consultants work with managers to determine how you can best succeed in creating a sustainable and healthy working environment.

EcoSweep offers personalized solutions based on the unique needs and requirements for each setting to ensure that you receive the best professional service without interruption to your business or employees. Our staff are available to service you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By partnering with EcoSweep you can leverage the security of having an experienced team of highly trained and committed support staff.  Using EcoSweep also provides the value-added benefit of demonstrating to customers, employees and stakeholders in the community that you are truly committed to minimizing your ecological footprint.  In addition, healthier work environments reduce shrinkage from employee absenteeism and illness.

EcoSweep can also aid your organization in achieving the internationally recognized LEED®-EB standard for building design and maintenance. To learn how EcoSweep can help you reach LEED-EB certification, please see our information regarding the EcoSweep Leeders® Program.

Large or small, we are proud to support healthy work environments.  EcoSweep has serviced some of the largest corporations in Canada who are taking the initiative to go green, protecting not only the environment but ensuring the health and safety of their employees and customers.

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